sabato 13 marzo 2010


Si le but de l'école est de faire grandir la personne. alors : - Si el objetivo de la escuela es hacer crecer a la persona. entonces:

- La relation entre les personnes est le principe fondateur du projet de l'établissement qui interroge son organisation, ses choix pédagogiques, ses modes de fonctionnement, ses lieux de parole ........

giovedì 11 marzo 2010

WUCT statement

WUCT Statement

WUCT is a Non Governmental Organisation of Catholic Inspiration, (CINGO), having approved Pontifical Status by juridical right, AND Consultative Status at the United Nations through UNESCO, UNICEF, and ECOSOC.
WUCT is the ONLY NGO, representing Catholic Teachers to have pontifical approval AND the right to represent teachers in the UN Agencies.
WUCT meets regularly with representatives of the Holy See, principally with the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and the Congregation for Catholic Education, but also with Pontifical Councils for Culture, Family, Justice and Peace, Migrants, and Interreligious Dialogue. Through its ACTIVE membership of the FORUM of CINGOs, it has cooperative relations with NGOs and representatives in New York (UN), Paris (UNESCO), and Geneva (UNICEF, ECOSOC).
WUCT is committed to the achievement of Free Universal Primary Education for All, (one of the Millennium Development Goals), and other Human Rights for which it cooperates with other CINGOs.
WUCT invites local, national and international groups and organisations of Catholic Teachers and Educators, committed to these objectives, to become members in order to work for the advancement of Human Dignity and Rights, the Church’s Social Teaching, and the fulfilment of the role of Catholic Professional Educators.

Declaraçion UMEC

Déclaration UMEC

Che cos'è l'UMEC?

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