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    In this edition of Thinking with the Church
  a conversation with Dr. Leonardo Franchi.

In the Apostolic Constitution, Ex corde ecclesiae, Pope St. John Paul II famously wrote that the Catholic University, “is located in that course of tradition which may be traced back to the very origin of the University as an institution. It has always been recognized as an incomparable centre of creativity and dissemination of knowledge for the good of humanity. By vocation, the Universitas magistrorum et scholarium is dedicated to research, to teaching and to the education of students who freely associate with their teachers in a common love of knowledge. With every other University it shares that gaudium de veritate, so precious to Saint Augustine, which is that joy of searching for, discovering and communicating truth in every field of knowledge. A Catholic University’s privileged task is ‘to unite existentially by intellectual effort two orders of reality that too frequently tend to be placed in opposition as though they were antithetical: the search for truth, and the certainty of already knowing the fount of truth’.”
      That project is threatened today by forces found both within and without the Church: the fragmentation of he unity of knowledge – and of knowing as a cultural project, on the one hand; on the other, a strange twofold movement at once toward anti-intellectualism as the default cultural starting point, and toward the elevation of those with applied scientific know-how to positions of high esteem, approaching the level of a sort of priestly caste.
    Against this tide, a group of scholar-teachers is quietly and diligently working to ensure that Catholic institutions of higher education will be able to carry out their mission, which is of vital importance to the task of evangelization, especially and in a privileged way by being open to all human experience and ready to dialogue with and learn from every culture.
    The advancement of that work is in turn complicated by the increasing pressure on those committed to it to retire to the margins or retreat from the public square entirely........

 Thinking with the Church

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On January 5 hIs holiness Pope Francis had an audience in the Sala Clementina with around 500 participants from the National Congress Italian Catholic Primary Teachers. He addressed them on the need of ongoing professional development for teachers. He spent some time talking about the responsibilities of Catholic teachers whether they work in Catholic schools or in state schools.
At the end of the audience His Holiness greeted personally the UMEC-WUCT delegation made up of the President, Guy Bordeaud’hui, the General Secretary, Giovanni Perrone, Father Alberto Kabuge (Congo), Father Paul Popa and the leaders of schools in Oradea. His Holiness expressed his appreciation for the work carried out by WUCT.
During the work of the Congress the President of the Union greeted all present and thanked AIMC for its ongoing collaboration with WUCT.


El 5 de enero, Francisco recibió en audiencia en la Sala Clementina, los cerca de 500 participantes en el Congreso Nacional de Maestros Católicos italianos, y los llamó un mensaje que pone de relieve la importancia de las asociaciones para el desarrollo profesional de los educadores.
Se centró en las responsabilidades de los maestros católicos, donde sea que trabajen, tanto en la escuela católica como en la escuela estatal.
Después de la audiencia, el Papa quiso saludar personalmente a todos, incluyendo a la misión dell'UMEC-WUCT compuesto por el presidente, Guy Bourdeaud'hui, Secretario General, Giovanni Perrone, por el Padre Alberto Kabuge (Congo), por el padre Paul Popa y los directores de las escuelas de Oradea. Su santidad expresó su aprecio por el trabajo llevado a cabo por la Unión.
Durante las obras del congreso, el presidente de la Unión saludó a los congresistas y agradeció a la AIMC por su constante colaboración con la Unión.

Op 5 januari ontving Zijne Heiligheid, paus Franciscus, in audiëntie, in de Sala Clementina, ongeveer 500 deelnemers aan het Nationale Congres van de Italiaanse Vereniging van Katholieke Leraren en gaf een  boodschap over het belang van verenigingen voor de professionele groei van opvoeders. Hij concentreerde zich op de verantwoordelijkheden van katholieke leraren, waar ze ook werken, zowel op de katholieke school als op de openbare school.
Aan het einde van audiëntie wilde de paus iedereen persoonlijk begroeten, inclusief de UMEC-WUCT-delegatie, bestaande uit de president, Guy Bourdeaud'hui, de algemene secretaris, Giovanni Perrone, pater Alberto Kabuge (Congo), pater Paul Popa en de directeuren van de scholen van Oradea. Zijn heiligheid sprak waardering uit voor het werk dat door de UMEC werd verricht.
Tijdens het congres begroette de president van de UMEC de congresleden en bedankte de AIMC voor hun voortdurende samenwerking.

                                                              PAUS FRANCISCUS

Il 5 gennaio Sua Santità Papa Francesco ha ricevuto in udienza, nella Sala Clementina, i circa 500 partecipanti al Congresso Nazionale dell’Associazione Italiana Maestri Cattolici e ha rivolto loro un messaggio che evidenzia l’importanza delle associazioni per la maturazione professionale degli educatori.

Si è soffermato sulle responsabilità degli insegnanti cattolici, ovunque essi operino, sia nella scuola cattolica sia nella scuola statale.

Al termine dell’udienza, il Papa ha voluto salutare personalmente tutti, compresa la delegazione dell’UMEC-WUCT, composta dal presidente, Guy Bourdeaud’hui, dal segretario generale, Giovanni Perrone, da padre Alberto Kabuge (Congo), da padre Paul Popa e dai direttori delle scuole di Oradea. Sua Santità ha espresso apprezzamento per l’opera svolta dall’Unione.
Nel corso dei lavori congressuali il presidente dell’Unione, ha salutato i congressisti e ringraziato l’AIMC per la costante collaborazione con l’Unione.

                                                           DISCORSO DI PAPA FRANCESCO
În 5 ianuarie, Sanctitatea Sa Papa Francisc a primit în audiență, în Sala Clementină, pe cei circa 500 de participanți la Congresul Național al Asociației Italiene a Profesorilor Catolici. Acestora le-a adresat un mesaj care evidențiază importanța asociațiilor pentru maturizarea profesională a dascălilor.
A insistat asupra responsabilității profesorilor catolici, oriunde s-ar afla aceștia, într-o școală catolică sau într-una de stat.
La încheierea audienței, Sfântul Părinte a salutat personal pe toți cei prezenți, inclusiv membrii delegației Uniunii Mondiale a Profesorilor Catolici – UMEC/WUCT, compusă din președinte, domnul Guy Bourdeaud’hui, de către secretarul general, domnul Giovanni Perrone, de către pr. Albert Kabuge din Congo, pr. Paul Popa și de către directorii școlii din Oradea. Sanctitatea Sa și-a exprimat prețuirea pentru munca desfășurată de către Uniune.
În timpul lucrărilor, președintele Uniunii a salutat participanții la congres și a mulțumit Asociației Italiene a Profesorilor Catolici pentru colaborarea constantă cu Uniunea.