Welcome to ‘Shared Mission’

Educational thought never stands still. There are many things to discuss, critique and applaud. This blog aims to unite the worlds of faith, culture and education, hoping in turn to offer a contribution to meaningful discussion of these important issues.
The blog is named after my book Shared Mission: Religious Education in the Catholic Tradition. Future posts will tease out the specific nature of the ‘shared mission’ but, in wider terms, education must be a place of rich cultural formation. In Catholic education, it is faith that informs culture. This mission is shared by all members of the Church. There is no opt out.
We will also explore broader issues in education, especially the need for solid academic foundations. Education is not just about preparation for work but is part of life itself.  To live, to learn, to love: that really is the shared mission!
The Tab buttons at the top of the page give some further information about the areas in which I have an interest. If you have any comments or ideas, or just wish to say hello, send  an email using the ‘Contact Me’ tab on the menu. I look forward to hearing from you.
Leonardo Franchi