giovedì 24 novembre 2016

UMEC-WUCT - COUNCIL-CONSEJO-CONSEIL 2016 London 18-20 november

The Big Ben
of the World Catholic Teaching Struck

 „Big Ben-ul” învăţământului catolic mondial
a sunat ora exactă!

Ethics And Virtues In The Personal And Professional Lives Of Teachers was the theme of the 2016 World Union of Catholic Teachers’ encounter that took place in London between 18 and 20 November, in the select surroundings of St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London. The chairman of the meeting was the Most Reverend auxiliary bishop of Strasbourg Vincent Dollmann.
Founded in Rome in 1951, the World Union of Catholic Teachers, WUCT, is an association with a long lasting tradition. It wishes to offer support to Catholic teachers all over the world and to promote Catholic education. WUCT has a special situation as it is in direct contact to the Vatican, where has its seat and acts as a means of communication between relevant Dicasteries and its members. WUCT (UMEC) has consultative status with UNESCO. It is the only global organisation representing Catholic teachers, and acts as necessary, on behalf of its members to make representations when issues affecting Catholic teachers are concerned.
At this meeting that took place by the quays of Thames participated the principal of the Greek Catholic School in Oradea, Fr. Ph.D.c. Alexandru Dragoș and Fr. Adrian Podar, Ph.D. They received a formal invitation from the president of the Association Professor Guy Bourdeaud’hui, Ph.D., who opened the sessions in a room that reminded of the old Lords, with the perfume of roses and poppy, by a fireplace too proper to tell unforgettable stories...



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