martedì 29 novembre 2016


The ethics in school

By  dr.Vincenza Conserva – AIMC - Italia

In the Italian pedagogical literature we can mention Elio Damiano about an ethics matter.
In 2007  "The ethical teacher" is releaced, in this book he address issues relating to the teaching profession from various points of view, because this profession is to build and outline in relation to students, to families, to the socio-cultural context but also to colleagues, the head teacher, the professionals of the school.
The "common sense of crisis" can only lead, or should lead, to research or reconstruction of a frame of meaning or reference values ​​which will ferry and overcome the crisis of contemporary society.
In a school where knowledge is not simply transmitted, but built and rebuilt in the small school community, knowledge is not an object in itself, but it comes to determining the personal reconstruction of the subject which is not neutral, as Damiano says "the reconstruction of cultural objects" is a privileged right, socially legitimized by an anthropological project on young people.
Since 1980 we see in Western countries to a proliferation of conferences and essays on ethics applied to various fields of knowledge, environmental ethics, bioethics etc. There is a large debate on the answers to the "school crisis" and research highlights "the thick of the action extent moral teacher".

Damiano reminds us that, although in relativistic terms, "every age and every culture have their own, irreducible, ethic (or moral)", but the analysis of the company, its people and its knowledge, you will reach the foundation of an "ethic of responsibility", "ethic adequate to development places education post-modern problems". ........ 

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