venerdì 25 novembre 2016

UMEC-WUCT COUNCIL - HOMILY OF BISHOP VINCENT DOLLMAN - Homélie de Mgr Vincent Dollmann - La homilía del obispo Dollmann




The feast of Christ the King of the universe corresponds to the last Sunday of the liturgical year. This choice makes this feastthe summit of our faith. To those who still have trouble with the title of king, and to each of us, the liturgy of the Word proposes to us to deepen this faith.

Yes, Jesus Christ is king! He never challenged this title, as suggested in the gospel of that day which mentions the mockery of the leaders of the people and the soldiers, and the inscription placed on the cross: "this is the king of the Jews"!

Jesus Christ is king; but he refused to give in to nostalgia for some of the people who were waiting for a political Messiah. Likewise, he did not hesitate to distinguish himself from Pilate for whom royalty was synonymous with military power.

Jesus Christ is king and his kingship is boundless; but it revealed itself through the rejection and humiliation of the cross. The Cross is where the strength of God's saving love reveals itself, where Christ reveals Himself as God the Savior, as God not only ‘with us but for us’.
While men mock andtorture him, while they judge and condemn him, it is actually Jesus who exercises Judgment and saves the humanity.

On the cross he manifests himself as king at the ultimate moment, when he leans toward the earth, to Mary and John, signs of the rising Church and sends them the Holy Spirit. From his death has sprung life, the prince of darkness is routed, as he had announced. The kingdom of God now offers life which no one can take from us.
Through the event of the cross, we are introduced into the kingdom of love and life of Christ. He had promised it: "When I have been brought up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself." Unlike the kings of the earth who dominate by imposing themselves, Christ reigns by attracting, provoking a free and confident answer. Through a yes as tenuous as it is, Christ can realize the unheard, so to the criminal who repents at the death’s door, he can promise eternal life!
At our baptism, Christ not only introduced us in his kingship, but also establishedrelays of his kingdom of love and life.
This presupposes for us a desire to live from his teaching, to let ourselves be rooted in his Gospel. Onlythe Gospel can strengthen our attachment to Jesus and allow us to follow him. But we mustlearn to receive the teaching of Jesus in its totality, without deciding according to our options or conveniences.

Rooted in the Word of God, we will be able to serve His Kingdom of truth and refuse that lies become a means of access to the various powers in our society.

Rooted in the Word, we can serve the Kingdom of peace and deny that violence is the usual remedy to settle conflicts in the world or a means of expression in our society.

Rooted in the Word, we can serve the Kingdom of Life and deny that a human person can be legally killed before his birth or at the end of his life on earth.

By welcoming the Word of God, by giving it a place in our personal prayer, we will place ourselves more and more under the kingship of Christ the Savior and will allow the world to welcome him in his turn.

Christusvincit, Christusregnat, Christ is victor, Christ is king, we love to sing. Yes, His Kingdom is here! Despite appearances, God reigns and saves the world today. Will we have the audacity to announce it?



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