venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

Christmas Messages, Mensajes de Navidad, Messages de Noël

The messages from Bishop Luc Van Looy, Ecclesiastical Assistant, and from Mark Philpot, President

Dear Teachers,

In preparation for Christmas my thought goes in particular to you. You are busy preparing young people and children for the great moment of the coming of God in history. You are presenting in a very real way, through your work and special attention for the poorer one's among them, the love which God wants to show to each and every human being.....

The message from Bishop Msg Luc van Looy
The message from President

Un mensaje de Su Exc. Mgr Luc Van Looy, Consejero Espiritual y de Mark Philpot, Presidente

El mensaje de Su Exc Mgr Luc van Looy
El mensaje de Mark Philpot, Presidente

Un message de S.Exc. Mgr Luc Van Looy, Conseiller Spirituel, et de Mark Philpot, Président

Message de S. Exc Mgr Luc van Looy
Message du President, Mark Philpot

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