venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Christmas 2011 and the New Year 2012

Christmas 2011 and the New Year 2012

May the gift of the Incarnation bring peace and happiness to you, your family, and all with whom and for whom you work.

On behalf of all who are involved in the World Union of Catholic Teachers, I wish you a very happy and holy Christmas. May the Peace and Joy of Christ continue with you through the New Year and throughout 2012.

Mark Philpot President, WUCT

WUCT-UMEC BRIEFING december 2012


"As Christmas approaches, I offer prayerful good wishes to you and your families for a spiritually fruitful celebration of the Lord’s birth. At Midnight Mass, we sing: “Today a Saviour is born for us”. This “Today” evokes an eternal present, for the mystery of Christ’s coming transcends time and permeates all history. “Today” – every day - we are invited to discover the presence of God’s saving love in our midst. In the birth of Jesus, God comes to us and asks us to receive him, so that he can be born in our lives and transform them, and our world, by the power of his love. The Christmas liturgy also invites us to contemplate Christ’s birth against the backdrop of his paschal mystery. Christmas points beyond itself, to the redemption won for us on the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection. May this Christmas fill you with joy in the knowledge that God has drawn near to us and is with us at every moment of our lives".

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