domenica 8 settembre 2013

September 8 : International Literacy Day

Every year on September 8, International Literacy Day is celebrated to highlight how it must remain one of states’ key priorities around the world. The day was initiated by UNESCO and it is the key organizer of it. BICE fully endorses it.

Beyond being a fundamental right, literacy is indeed the engine of development. Learning to read, write and count is essential to grow well and become full-blown adults. But also to learn how to develop their potential, to live together, to build the world of tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are still 67 million children worldwide who are not enrolled in schools *.
"Literacy is more than just an educational priority. It is the ultimate investment in the future, and the first step for all new literacy schemes in the 21st century. We want a century when every child can read and use this advantage to gain independence," said the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.
For BICE, which is in favor of the right to education for all, literacy is obviously a priority. In Africa, Latin America, Asia and CIS, we support projects and programs that allow children to access basic knowledge to find their way back to school and be aware of their rights. Often from disadvantaged areas, accompanied children can count on the support of educators from their own community to help them grow and bloom.
Whether working children and / or living on the street, for example in ParaguayArgentina and DR of Congo, or then again young mothers in Malitrafficked children in Togo or many other situations, education – which starts with literacy – is at the heart of all the activities we are committed to.
Let us all support every human being’s right, and therefore each child’s right to benefit from it!

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