sabato 19 ottobre 2013

Which formation forthe teaching staffs? For which competences?

Which formation for the teaching staffs?
For which competences?  

We well understand that teachers  in Catholic education do not unanimously profess the Christian faith. The teaching staffs in Catholic education have become, de facto, pluralist for what  concerns conviction. This situation of pluralism is not a threat for Catholic education identity. It even can be a feature of its catholicity but on two conditions: All teachers must accept to take part in the school project as far as it is inspired by the Gospel values and also accept the Catholic school to be a place for proposing the Christian faith in a way that respects the pupils’ intelligence and freedom.
There must be a significant number of teachers who explicitly live and express their Christian faith within the Catholic school.  The perspectives of Christian formation that I would like to propose not only concern the Christian teachers but the whole teaching staff of which I just underlined the pluralism. Because the question of  the understanding of the Christian faith and the practices it inspires in school and society concern all those  who  are  involved  in  Catholic schools.  The  proposals  of formation  I  will make  can thus  be understood in two ways: either for Christian teachers who want to deepen, in theory and practice, their adhesion to the Christian faith, or for other teachers who want to acquire a better knowledge of what Christianism announces and proposes to live, so that they could better situate themselves in relation to the Christian faith, approach it and even appropriate it.......

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