lunedì 11 novembre 2013


Dear friends of the Philippines,

We hear about the disastrous situation in the Philippines and we saw some terrible scenes at television: smashed buildings and completely defoliated and fallen trees. The worst images showed us even dead bodies …
We only can sincerely share in the great sorrow that –once again- your so beautiful country is damaged, this time by the typhoon Haiyan.
With a very heavy heart, I must tell you that our UMEC-WUCT financial situation doesn’t allow at all some financial aid or contributions, so I  only can  send our feelings of very sincere sympathy.  On the other hand, you can be sure that our UMEC-WUCT members will participate individually as much as they can  in some local financial solidarity actions for the Philippines.
 In the name of the UMEC-WUCT Executive and Council,
Guy Bourdeaud’hui  
Dear President Guy and WUCT-UMEC,
Thanks a lot for your letter of sympathy/ empathy for the Filipino people. Your words of consolation and concern suffice. Our WUCT members have been helping out the victims in the central Philippines in respective ways. More than money, our organization thrives in love and mutual concern. Just as UMEC shows concern. 
May The Lord continue bestowing upon you and your loved ones the choicest of blessings. 

Belen L. Tangco

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