martedì 21 febbraio 2017

UK - Scotland - Initial teacher education in the university ‘My little ship, how ill-laden you are’

by Leonardo Franchi

    Initial teacher education programmes in universities must meet the needs of varying constituencies. Politicians, school leaders and academics, for example, understandably seek to influence how these programmes should look. 
    Given the importance of well-qualified teachers for the building of effective schools, it is right that a range of stakeholders should have their say. The Donaldson Report on teacher education in Scotland (2011) has much to say regarding the academic content of teacher education programmes. 
   It offers food for thought for those wedded to the ‘craft’ model of teacher education. Academic rigour and breadth of experience cannot be seen as inimical to the need to ensure that newly qualified teachers are, indeed, ready to teach. 
    The rediscovery of liberal approaches to education studies and the value of the liberal arts can be key components of a reimagined teacher education process.

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