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Philippines. Conference des Enseignants Catholiques de Philippines ( CTGP) le 13 de Septembre, 2018, Universite de Santo Tomas, Manille.
The CTGP Conference Panel of Reactors was composed of Dean Clotilde Arcangel, Dr.Dakila Espiritu,Ms. Marietta Caballero, andRetired School Supervisor Petronila Garcia.
 The National Conference of the Catholic Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines (CTGP) was held on September 13, 2018 at the Dean Lourdes Custodio Hall, UST College of Education. 
It commenced with a Holy Mass at 9:00 am., presided over by the CTGP Ecclesiastical Moderator, Rev. Fr. Maximo Gatela, OP. He underscored the vital role of teachers in helping shape the vision and future of students through sheer sacrifice in upholding  competence, quality education, and Christ-centred compassion. 
Dr. Evelyn Songco, CTGP Vice-President, gave the Opening Remarks at the Conference proper. 
Dr. Marielyn Quintana, CTGP National Secretary, gave a slide presentation on the Catholic Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines, and introduced the Keynote Speaker. 
Dr. Pilar Romero, Dean of the College of Education, University of Santo Tomas (UST), delivered the Keynote Address on the theme, “ Challenges of the Teachers in the New Curriculum “.
The participants were teachers and professors from private and public schools. The  Dean of the UST College of Fine Arts and Design, Dr. Christie Que, as well as the Education Program Supervisor of the Schools Division of Quezon City, Ms. Marietta Caballero, graced the Conference.
Rev. Fr. Maximo Gatela, OP, awarded the Certificates of Appreciation  and Certificates of Participation to members/ participants. 
       He was assisted by Dr. Belén L. Tangco, OP, CTGP President, who delivered the Closing Address. She thanked everyone for gracious participation, especially the UST Institute of Religion for great support. She conveyed words of thanks to the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Pilar Romero, and the College of Education Regent, Rev. Fr. Winston Cabading, OP. for their generous accommodation. 
The next Conference to be held in February 2019 will be Keynoted by  Prof. Dr. Clarita Carillo, former Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, UST and currently Assistant to the Rector for Planning & Quality Management. 

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