venerdì 20 novembre 2015

CATHOLIC TEACHERS IN THE WORLD- The WUCT's President in the Congress

Go  and teach
all nations!

....... We must  revert to  a “Yes, we can!” mentality.
We must radiate confidence and enthusiasm when presenting our identity with a message of belief, hope and peace;  a peace which we strive for in word and deed. 

It remains the mandate of all Catholics, to follow without fear the Pope and all Catholics responsible to further disseminate this hopeful optimism and positive message.

Not by sterile discussions and not by apathy, but by supporting firmly and proudly  ‘our’ educational system and the values in which we believe.  We can do this with the means we have: sincere belief, creativity, timely action, use of modern communication techniques, human input and necessary financial resources. 
Only then we can achieve the “teach all nations” mandate. Every organization sharing our ideals is needed  and welcome!  Warmly welcome!  
And, dear people all together, so are you!  You are a real and necessary part of that chain!

Together we are emphasizing the influence of the rapid ideological and technical developments with school and education ...........



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