venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East

“First of all, I ask you to wake up,” 
Fr. Bazi says to the video's viewers.

Watch this video and 'wake up' from indifference to persecuted Christians :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

 .- A video that shares the testimonies of people who have personally suffered the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is calling on their fellow Christians in the West to “wake up” to the grave crisis facing their brethren.
The most important thing that Christians can do for their brethen in Iraq and Syria is to build a courageously Christians society in their own countries, an exiled Iraqi bishop says in his interview.
The two objectives of the short video are to “help people become more aware of the persecution that is taking place in the East” and to “encourage Christians to begin to live a more profound faith with courage,” Sr. Megan María Conway, SHM, told CNA.

The video, “Wake Up!” is produced by the EUK Mamie Foundation, a new evangelization effort of the Home of the Mother, an international public association of the faithful which was approved by the Vatican in 2010.....

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