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A Commitment to Education
       Education is central to the mission of the Catholic Church. Since 1850, the Church’s aim has been to provide a place in a Catholic school for every Catholic child. Partnership in Education The Catholic community works in close partnership with Central Government in England and in Wales, and with Local Authorities in its provision of education.

         This partnership is enshrined in a variety of administrative and financial arrangements. Catholic schools, funded jointly by the State and the Church, make up 10% of the total maintained sector of England and Wales. Most are owned by Diocesan Trustees who appoint the majority of governors. 

    The governing bodies employ all staff and have the responsibility for admissions and the curriculum. The Church now has: • 1,811 Primary Schools • 377 Secondary Schools • 49 All-age Schools • 798,687 Pupils • 48,234 Teachers • 15 Sixth Form Colleges • 4 Universities • 13 University Colleges and Higher Education Institutions Catholic schools are an integral part of the voluntary sector. T

      This sector, which includes Anglican, Methodist and Jewish Schools as well as a few others, represents about one-third of state funded provision in England and Wales. In the 22 dioceses, there are teams of officers who offer support to schools on legal, administrative and educational matters while the Catholic Education Service works at a national level to promote and safeguard the interests of Catholic education and those working in Catholic schools and colleges........

                       CATHOLIC EDUCATION

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