martedì 3 gennaio 2017

WIM STOOP has returned to the Father's House

Wim Stoop 
(6 July 1935- 30 December 2016)

It is with tremendous regret and sadness that we have to announce the unexpected death of Wim Stoop.
Wim was a much respected member of the Dutch Christian Teachers Union (CNV Onderwijs), and as a much cherished member of the Catholic Alliance (KatholiekVerband) for many years a staunch supporter of the WUCT/ UMEC.
For many years he attended the annual meetings, wrote many interventions and actively supported many activities of the WUCT, including setting up the new website.

Wim Stoop will be sorely missed and we pray that the Lord may keep him in his eternal Light. May he rest in peace. We wish his family much strength.

Elizabeth Boddens Hosang, CNV Onderwijs the Netherlands

UMEC-WUCT thank Wim for his generous commitment to the school and the association, pray for him, condole with the family, and CNV Onderwijs.

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