martedì 18 novembre 2014

62nd Annual Convention CTA

  Message from WUCT - UMEC

to: Catholic Teachers of Trinidad and Tobago

On behalf of His Grace Bishop Van Looy (Ecclesiastical Assistant), Mr. Giovanni Perrone (Secretary General) and Dr John Lydon (Treasurer) I would like to take this opportunity to send the greetings of the World Union of Catholic Teachers to yourself  as President of the Caribbean Association of Catholic Teachers, to other Officers of the Association and to the delegates who will be attending the Conference.
The title of the Conference not only resonates with a central concern among schools across the globe in the context of revitalising spiritual values in a postmodern context but also with the latest document emanating from the Congregation for Catholic Education, Educating Today and Tomorrow, which focuses on the spiritual and theological implications of Gravissimum Educationis as the Catholic Church approaches the 50th Anniversary of this landmark document.
Addressing the theme of spiritual poverty, Educating Together suggests that: If we want to avert a gradual impoverishment, Catholic schools must be run by individuals and teams who are inspired by the Gospel, who have been formed in Christian pedagogy, in tune with Catholic schools’ educational project, and not by people who are prone to being seduced by fashionability, or by what can become an easier sell, to put it bluntly.”
With the promise of the prayers of all at WUCT for the success of the Conference.

Guy Bourdeaud’hui
Guy Bourdeaud’hui

President of WUCT/UMEC                          

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