martedì 15 marzo 2016


Education as global public good

     From left to right: Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director -General, Vikas Pota Chief Executive at Varkey Foundation, Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and Martin Sorrell, CEO of the WPP advertising agency
      Education is a global public good and partnerships are the name of the game to ensure that all people and countries reap its benefits, said UNESCO Director -General during a plenary panel with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Martin Sorrell, CEO of the WPP advertising agency, in the context of the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai on March 13, 2016.
'Today we have one agenda for education that is rallying governments, civil society, business and academia, and it is a global agenda that is relevant to all countries - education is about opportunity, growth, reducing inequality, tackling climate change and changing mentalities,'  said Ms Bokova.

     Since the adoption of the MDGs, education has gained traction as a political priority. 'Today, we see real political commitment to education. Sustainable Development 4 for the first time for 9 years of compulsory education for all countries and a 12 year cycle of education. This has huge significance - because education is a transformational goal linked to the achievement of all the others and that changes the lives of people.' ......

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