venerdì 24 marzo 2017

PHILIPPINES: prof. BELEN TANGCO, member of the WUCT Council, has been appointed expert member of Ched

CHED Special Order (CSO) No. 8 declared Belen L. Tangco, OP, Ph.D(Pol.Sc), Ph.D.(Educ.Mgt) of the University of Santo Tomas, as Member, Technical Panel for Transnational Education and Distance Education, (TPTNEDE) Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines.
 According to CSO 8, s 2017, Technical Panel chairpersons and members "provide technical expertise to CHED in conceptualizing and developing plans, policies, standards, guidelines, rules, and regulations concerning the operation of higher education programs, in evaluating compliance of HEIs with minimum standards for the various higher education programs, in formulating guidelines and criteria for identification of Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development, in developing assessment  instruments in undertaking monitoring and evaluation tasks; in guiding CHED Regional Quality Assessment Teams; in the
implementation of developmental programs and projects, and in representing the CHED in meetings/workshops/conferences/consultations/hearings."
This is the second re-appointment of Dr. Tangco to the TPTNEDE. She concurrently serves as Permanent Resource Person to the Technical Working Group (TWG) for Pathways and Equivalencies of CHED for the Philippine Qualifications Framework.

Prior to her appointment , Dr. Tangco also served as Member of Technical Panel for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication Education  (HUSUCOM).

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