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Dear Colleagues and Friends, 
A  warm  welcome  to  this  Advent  2017  edition  of  the  ‘The  Vine’.  As  always, thank you for your commitment to Catholic education and the witness of Christ you provide daily to children, parents/carers and to colleagues being a ‘light in the darkness’.  Advent begins with the clarion Gospel call to “stay awake” and “stand ready” to meet Jesus Christ.  Catholic education, sharing in the universal mission of the Church has, from its beginnings, always lived, not only in the radiant  light  of  Christ’s  first  coming,  but  in  His  coming  to  us  now  in  the Sacraments, above all in the Holy Eucharist, and in the sure hope of His glorious return  at  the  end  of  time  (cf.  Lumen  Gentium  n.48).   This  is  the  context  in which  we  have  met  the  challenges  of  history  and  have  always  looked confidently to the future whatever the opportunities and difficulties are of the educational landscape.
Following my election in June 2017 as the President for the next two years, I would like to stress that I will endeavour to continue  to  support  and  encourage  all  Catholic  teachers  who  work  in  Catholic  schools  and  college s  but  also  those colleagues who are Catholic teachers working in community schools or other settings. CATSC is here to represent and support you all. 
Working with the Executive I will ensure, that we as an organisation, continue to provide the Vine Newsletter and will present articles to the Networking Journal that you will find enriching to both your teaching and in your own personal Faith  Journey.  The  editors  of  the  Vine  and  Networking  kindly  request  articles  from  all  schools  and  members  that celebrate  our rich, vibrant and living Catholic faith in 2017. Members of the Executive Council will represent you at meetings with teachers from other countries especially at meetings of WUCT (World Union of Catholic Teachers) and within our own country in sharing both their expertise and enthusiasm. 
The new Handbook arrived in schools and colleges at the end of October so you can see who all these enthusiastic people are.  If  you  can’t  locate  the  Handbook  in  your  school,  a  digital  version  is  available  on  the  CATSC   website: Please also feel free to Twitter your comments and ideas and use the CATSC Facebook pages.
The Association website has been updated and we would ask you to use both our Twitter and Facebook accounts to share your ideas, experiences and teaching resources. We will then incorporate your pieces on the website for others to use and so extend good practice across England and Wales. Please use the CATSC Dailies in your schools and classrooms and Tweet how you are using them in your setting. 
In 2018 we will be holding one conference on the 2nd to the 3rd March at the Crowne Plaza, Chester. I am delighted to announce  that  the  principal  speaker  is  Jonathan  Doyle,  an  internationally  renowned  and  inspirational  educator  and speaker  from  Australia.  The  Conference  is  for  colleagues  working  in  all  sectors  and  phases  and  I  wholeheartedly recommend it to you all. The theme is  ‘Casting our nets into the deep as Catholic Educators’. 
Would those members who are Head Teachers  please remember our NQTs, RQTs, Middle Leaders, Support Staff and Governors as well as SLT members when allocating places on the Conference as they also deserve the opportunity to refresh and deepen their vocations. Bookings are now open and can be placed online at: 
Finally, Advent is a special time of grace for us all to recognise the mission entrusted to us in the light of the Saviour  born  for  us;  the  Saviour  who  is  so  close  to  us  in  the  Holy  Eucharist;  the  Saviour  who  will  finally  return  in glory.   Throughout  the  new  liturgical  year,  I  pray  that  we  may  all  be  renewed  in  our  mission!  Thank  you  for  the generosity  of  living  your  vocations  as  Catholic  educators  and  I  hope  CATSC will  continue  to  provide  support  a nd encouragement in your work.
Wishing you the great joy of Advent and Christmas ~   John Nish, National President 

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