lunedì 9 marzo 2015



Dear Students: 

An Apology From A Teacher

Dear High School Students in the 21st century,
A new semester begins next week and I find myself feeling compelled to apologize to you. Despite our best efforts, we teachers have failed to persuade the people who have the political power to change our public education system, to do so. We can't seem to convince our premier that an investment in your education is an investment that we will all benefit from, an investment that would not cost us polluted water and toxic air.
So, until your education needs prevail over the needs of foreign corporations, please accept this apology from me.
I'm sorry that you have to be at school so early each morning despite neuroscience research indicating that teen brains do not function optimally until 10 a.m.
I'm sorry that you have to ask my permission to leave the classroom to pee even though you have a driver's licence and a part-time job, and are making significant decisions about your post-secondary life right now........
                                    DEAR STUDENTS

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