mercoledì 11 marzo 2015


MEETING:   The Executive

 of the  World Union of Catholic Teachers, WUCT – UMEC 

Headquarters, Rome

DATE:                       Wednesday 18th - -Sunday 22nd February 2015
PRESENT:                 Mr Guy Bourdeaud’hui (President from Belgium)); Mr Giovanni Perrone (Secretary General, AIMC Italy); Dr John Lydon (Treasurer, CATSC England)

1.     Brief History and Purpose of WUCT-UMEC

WUCT is one of oldest organisations, established in 1951 in Rome. It is an association of organisations of Catholic teachers, professional associations and trade unions which is committed to the support of Catholic teachers throughout the world, promoting Catholic education and the right of parents to choose a confessional education for their child.
 WUCT has a special situation as it is in direct contact to the Vatican. For example, it has a seat in the Vatican and acts as a means of communication between relevant Dicasteries and its members. WUCT (UMEC) has consultative status with UNESCO, and ECOSOC, and is active in the Forum of  Catholic-inspired NGOs, in the Holy See  and in CCIC (Paris). It is the only global organisation representing Catholic teachers, and acts as necessary, on behalf of its members to make representations when issues affecting Catholic teachers are concerned. In WUCT’s Statute, it states that WUCT can defend the rights of teachers .....

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