domenica 28 febbraio 2016

LAUDATO SI - Lenten lecture

The aim of the lecture, based on the Pope’s encyclical Laudato si’, was to promote the Social Teaching of the Church and explored the contemporary question of how to live our faith in the world. Below find the English language text of the speech given by Cardinal Peter Turkson:
The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has always been charged with developing and promoting the Social Teaching of the Church, in order to bring the timeless truths of the Gospel, our faith and tradition, into the public space, into society. The first formal example is the social encyclical Rerum Novarum of 1891. At a time when the industrial economy was only a century old and posed many dilemmas, especially for workers and their families, Pope Leo XIII was responding to these many res novae or “new things”. The most recent instance of such teaching, nearly 125 years later, is Laudato si’.[1] Again Pope Francis is responding to the res novae of our time, namely, environmental and social degradation. So to give this lecture is an example of what our department of the Roman Curia does to assist Pope Francis in his mission. At the same time, I am invited to St. Thomas of Villanova Church to offer a “Lenten reflection”. This is a moment of spiritual deepening on our pilgrimage, during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. and in Lent, towards the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Ordained as a Bishop to sanctify the Church, I am very happy to exercise this Ministry of the Word amongst you “bearing witness to the gospel of God’s grace”.
I am also delighted with the title you have chosen, “Care of Creation as a Work of Mercy”. It really helps us to explore a most relevant theme: how to live our faith in the world. Here are the five sections of the public lecture, and the five points of the Lenten reflection: I. What is Creation?  II. What is Care of Creation?   III. What is Mercy?  IV. What are the Works of Mercy, and how does Care of Creation belong to them?   V. How do the Works of Mercy help us to live the Jubilee of Mercy here in Philadelphia? .......

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